Thanks to reviewers

All articles are reviewed by independent referees from among the best international specialists on the subject. They read the article to guarantee its value, positioning, soundness, the technical quality of its content, its scientific basis, its references to related works, and its clarity. We are grateful to them for this helpful involvement in the success of Aerospace Lab.

We would like to give public thanks to the following referees for the efficiency of their contributions to Issue  8:

Ass. Prof. Cristina BARRADO
UPC Barcelona-Tech - Castelldefels, Spain

Dr.  Silvère BONNABEL
Mines Paris Tech - Paris, France

Prof.  François  CHAUMETTE
IRISA - Rennes, France

LIRMM - Montpellier, France

Dr.  Abdelhamid  CHRIETTE
École Centrale de Nantes / IRCCyN - Nantes, France

Prof.  Stephane  DONCIEUX
ISIR - Paris, France

Dr.  Alexandre EUDES
ISIR - Paris, France

Prof.  Andrea  GARULLI
Universita degli Studi di Siena - Siena, Italia

Ass. Prof. Roberto NALDI
Universita di Bologna - Bologna, Italia

Duc-Kien PHUNG
ISIR - Paris, France

Ass. Prof. Paul POUNDS
University of Queensland - Queensland, Australia

Dr. Daniele PUCCI
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - Genova, Italia

Prof.  Patrick RIVES
INRIA - Sophia-Antipolis, France

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