Experimental Investigations of a Low-Emission Combustor Designed for Mid Power Gas Turbines


G. K. Vedeshkin, E. D. Sverdlov, A. N. Dubovitsky (Central Institute of Aviation Motors)

The paper describes the main mechanisms of NOx formation (thermal, prompt NOx and through N2O). It is shown that, for combustion products when the gas temperature is less than 1650 K (Tgas<1650 K), the residence time has a weak influence on NOx formation. A concept for the simultaneous reduction of NOx and CO in low-emission combustors with large residence time is suggested. Some methods to organize an operation process with low NOx and CO formation are suggested as well. The low-emission combustor configuration is presented. The paper describes both the experimental results of investigated model combustors and investigations of a low-emission combustor designed for mid power gas turbines, developed with the suggested operating process mechanism.

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