Aeroacoustics: an Overview for Air Vehicle Applications


D. Gély (Onera)
L. Leylekian (Onera)

This issue of Aerospace Lab is dedicated to Aeroacoustics, the field of
science that deals with sound generated by air flows and possible interaction
with solid bodies. As noise issues became a major environmental
challenge over the past decades, the aerospace industries have paid great
attention to Aeroacoustics for the design of aircraft, as well as helicopters.
An environmentally efficient air vehicle offers a competitive advantage.
The worldwide air traffic is expected to double every 15 years and
the annoyance to the population living in the vicinity of airports should at
least remain the same and even decrease in the midterm. In this context,
it is obvious that more flights might be allowed if silent aircraft were used
instead of noisier aircraft from a former generation.

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