CEDRE Software


A. Refloch, B. Courbet, A. Murrone, P. Villedieu, C. Laurent, P. Gilbank, J. Troyes, L. Tessé, G. Chaineray, J.B. Dargaud, E. Quémerais, F. Vuillot

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This article gives a general description of the CEDRE® system. CEDRE® is a multi-physics platform working on general unstructured meshes intended to both advance research and process industrial applications in the fields of energetics and propulsion. The system includes a graphical user interface for data entry and a set of pre and post processing utilities. The code is organized as a set of solvers, each of which can be used to handle a particular physics, which are coupled together for the computations. Here, we briefly present the solvers: reactive gas CHARME, Eulerian dispersed phase SPIREE, Lagrangian SPARTE, conduction ACACIA, FILM for studying liquid films, radiation ASTRE and REA, as well as the Peul solver. Other programs can be used to handle other physics that are not part of energetics, such as mechanics, by means of external couplings, using in particular the in-house CWIPI library. We have made several general remarks on parallelism, as performance cannot be considered independently from the computing code. The organization of development and the importance of configuration management are highlighted and stress is put on the validation process, which is of the utmost importance for qualifying the quality of results.