The Models of Turbulent Combustion in the CHARME Solver of CEDRE


F. Dupoirieux, N. Bertier

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We describe the combustion models implemented in the CHARME solver of the CEDRE code dedicated to the simulation of 3D complex reactive flows. These models give the source terms linked to chemical reactions appearing in the species mass balance equations solved by CHARME. For laminar flows,  Arrhenius laws are simply used but, for turbulent flows, different models have been implemented, in order to allow the user to treat diffusion flames,  premixed flames or intermediate situations. All of these models are described here. The proposed models are more or less advanced according to the level of accuracy required in regard to the treatment of the turbulence-chemistry interaction. This paper does not deal with more sophisticated models, such as those based on Monte Carlo methods, which require the creation of new solvers for CEDRE.