Space Discretization Methods


B. Courbet, C. Benoit, V. Couaillier, F. Haider, M.C. Le Pape, S. Péron

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Onera codes for CFD and Energetics are mostly based on a finite volume methodology. Within this common framework, a wide variety of space discretization techniques are available depending on the required degree of precision, on the kind of mesh and on the application domain. This paper describes three particular topics which are central to the codes developed at Onera. The first section discusses cell-centered and cell-vertex techniques in the context of structured meshes and their extension to unstructured zones. The second part shows how efficient third order schemes can be implemented on Cartesian and curvilinear overlapping grids. Finally, the third section presents a Muscl-type discretization methodology currently used on general polyhedral meshes, with indications on its generalization to high-order precision