About AerospaceLab

Aerospace Lab is an electronic journal dedicated to scientific progress in aeronautics and space research. Its featured technical fields therefore include aerodynamics, propulsion, materials, structures, physics, sensors, information processing, and system engineering.

Each issue focuses on a specific field of interest to the international scientific community. Its purpose is to provide an overview of emerging and promising research in the field, compared to the state of the art. It is organized in a series of tutorial articles, each of them emphasizing a specific approach to the subject involved, and all of them in English. Each issue is edited by a Guest Editor, a well-known personality in the scientific field in question. The journal aims to provide both an overview of the domain for non-specialists through general articles, and an update of ongoing developments for specialists through more in-depth articles.

In order to ensure the proper scientific coherency of each issue, all articles are solicited by the editorial board. The high quality of the journal is guaranteed by the fact that all articles are reviewed by at least two independent referees from among the best international specialists on the subject. They read the article to guarantee its value, positioning, soundness, the technical quality of its content, its scientific basis, its references to related works, and its clarity.

We plan to publish two issues per year with a selection of topics such that an updated overview of the whole aerospace field will steadily be assembled.

Publisher :

Stéphane Andrieux

Editor in Chief :

Francis Dupoirieux

Editorial Board :

Stéphane Andrieux
Francis Dupoirieux
Philippe Bidaud
Laurent Cambier
Laurent Jacquin
Riad Haidar

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Onera - BP 80100
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Fax: +33 1 80 38 65 10
E-mail: aerospacelab@onera.fr

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ISSN: 2107-6596