Thanks to reviewers

All articles are reviewed by independent referees from among the best international specialists on the subject. They read the article to guarantee its value, positioning, soundness, the technical quality of its content, its scientific basis, its references to related works, and its clarity. We are grateful to them for this helpful involvement in the success of Aerospace Lab.

We would like to give special thanks to the following referees for the efficiency of their contributions to Issue 2:

Dr Bénédicte Cuenot
Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation Avancée en Calcul Scientifique, Toulouse, France

Dr Jean-Paul Dussauge
Institut Universitaire des Systèmes Thermiques Industriels, CNRS, Marseille, France

Prof. Rodney O. Fox
Iowa State University, Ames, USA

Dr Peter Gerlinger
DLR, Stuttgart, Germany

Prof. Charles Hirsch
Numeca International, Brussels, Belgium

Prof. John R. Howell
University of Texas, Austin, USA

Prof. Doyle D. Knight
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Piscataway, USA

Prof. Dr. Norbert Kroll
DLR, Braunschweig, Germany

Dr Wolf-Reiner Krüger
DLR, Göttingen, Germany

Prof. Alain Lerat
Laboratoire de Simulation Numérique en Mécaniques des Fluides, ENSAM, Paris

Prof. Suresh Menon
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA

Dr Michel Pollet
EADS Space Transportation, Les Mureaux, France

Dr Guillaume Ribert
Complexe de Recherche Interprofessionnel en Aerothermochimie, CNRS, Rouen, France

Dr Christopher Rumsey
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, USA

Dr Philippe Spalart

Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Seattle, USA

List of reviewers for Issue 1