Principles and Applications of Particle Image Velocimetry


C. Brossard, J.C. Monnier, P. Barricau, F.X. Vandernoot, Y. Le Sant, F. Champagnat, G. Le Besnerais

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In this paper, the principles of two-component Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and stereoscopic PIV are first recalled. Recent improvements in the camera calibration procedure for stereoscopic PIV are highlighted. The advantages of the PIV technique are illustrated through different studies performed in Onera laboratories for non-reacting or reacting flows, and various issues raised by the nature of fluid, flow dynamics, spatial and temporal resolutions, as well as data utilization, are examined. Finally, recent advances in the technique, time-resolved PIV and tomographic PIV, as well as potential gains from novel processing and post-processing algorithms, are presented.