Applications of Dielectric Barrier Discharges and Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuators at ONERA


F. Chedevergne, G. Casalis, O. Léon, M. Forte, F. Laurendeau, N. Szulga, O. Vermeersch, E. Piot (ONERA)

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This paper focuses on two plasma actuators, developed at ONERA: the DBD actuator (Dielectric Barrier Discharge) and the PSJ actuator (Plasma Synthetic Jet). At the DMAE (Modeling for Aerodynamics and Energetics Department), DBD actuation is investigated for laminar/transition purposes. The results presented deal with 2D configurations including both experimental and modeling works. As regards the activities on the PSJ actuator, most of the work is dedicated to the detailed characterization of the general physics involved in such an actuator. Similarly to the DBD activities, both experimental and modeling investigations are performed in order to be able to develop efficient control strategies using the PSJ actuator.