Recent Advances in Research on Solid Rocket Propulsion


Y. Fabignon, J. Anthoine, D. Davidenko, R. Devillers, J. Dupays, D. Gueyffier,
J. Hijlkema, N. Lupoglazoff, J. M Lamet, L. Tessé, A. Guy, C. Erades (ONERA)

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This paper is devoted to a review of some recent studies conducted at ONERA
within the framework of solid rocket propulsion for missiles, as well as space
launchers. The viewpoint adopted is to present the physical phenomena studied using modeling, simulations and experimentations. Three major scientific topics will be investigated in this article: combustion of solid propellants; motor interior ballistics with a focus on two-phase flows, turbulence and radiative effects; rocket exhaust plumes, including phenomena in the vicinity of the aft body.