Planar Particle Image Velocimetry for Aerospace Research at ONERA


B. Leclaire, C. Brossard, R. Courtier, F. David, S. Davoust, A. Gilliot, L Jacquin, J.-M. Jourdan, O. Léon, S. Masseboeuf, J.-C. Monnier, S. Mouton, E. Piot, A. Ristori, D. Sebbane, F. Simon (ONERA)

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Planar Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a measurement technique that yields the instantaneous spatial structure in a planar cut of a flow. It exists in several forms (two-component, three-component or Stereo, and time-resolved), all of which are now considered to be mature, and as production tools for flow investigation in experimental facilities. This contribution is aimed at showing, through various examples of research activities, how it is currently being used at ONERA, with the idea of extending knowledge on complex flows, and therefore on the performance of complex systems. After a short reminder of the operating principle of planar PIV, applications are presented in the contexts of jet mixing physics, helicopter fuselage drag reduction, reacting flows, industrial wind-tunnels, and acoustics.