Overview of the Aeroelastic Capabilities of the elsA Solver within the Context of Aeronautical Engines


A. Dugeai, Y. Mauffrey, A. Placzek, S. Verley (ONERA)

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This paper presents the status of current development and research activities conducted at ONERA concerning the numerical modelling of aeroelastic phenomena of rotating machines. Three different topics are detailed after a short reminder of some features of ONERA’s CFD solver elsA. The first one addresses the development of methodologies for taking into account geometrical non-linear structural behavior in the modelling of the static aeroelasticity of large fan blades. The second one presents the current capabilities available for aeroelastic stability analyses of rotating machines conducted within the frame of stage and multi-stage configurations. The third point concerns the resolution of aeroelastic forced response problems. An overview of recent applications in the field of turbomachinery aeroelasticity will finally be drawn before giving some perspectives of new activities.