Vibration Mitigation Based on Nonlinear Absorbers


C. Stephan, G. Pennisi (ONERA)
G. Michon (University of Toulouse - ICA, CNRS, ISAE)

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The design of vibration absorbers is a challenging task for complex real-life structures. Although several technological solutions have now reached maturity, a need for better efficiency in terms of added mass, broadband frequency range and level of reduction requires the study of new ideas and concepts coming from nonlinear dynamics. In this paper an introduction to a class of absorbers called Nonlinear Energy Sinks (NES) is proposed to highlight their potential for vibration mitigation. After a reminder of the different categories of vibration control, some principles of NES and their relationship with linear absorbers are presented. Two experimental NES prototypes are studied and the results have shown interesting capacities for vibration mitigation.