Issue 4 , May 2012

Mastering Complexity

The fourth issue of the journal Aerospace Lab is devoted to various techniques of information processing that manage complex interactions. The term "complex" is a bit overused but here it refers to the size of the problems that cannot be tackled using more straightforward approaches. The papers presented address a range of basic techniques. The first group addresses embedded information processing algorithms for control and perception, and also some issues about interaction between increasingly complicated systems and operators who have to manage them in real time. A second group of papers is devoted to engineering practices underlying the design work.


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A. Bucharles, C. Cumer, G. Hardier, B. Jacquier, A. Janot, T. Le Moing, C. Seren, C. Toussaint, P. Vacher

M. Sanfourche, J. Delaune, G. Le Besnerais, H. de Plinval, J. Israel, Ph. Cornic,
A. Treil, Y. Watanabe, A. Plyer

G. Verfaillie, C. Pralet, V. Vidal, F. Teichteil, G. Infantes, C. Lesire

S. Herbin , F. Champagnat, J. Israel, F. Janez, B. Le Saux, V. Leung, A. Michel

Bruno Berberian, Patrick Le Blaye, Nicolas Maille, Jean-Christophe Sarrazin

V. Wiels, R. Delmas, D. Doose, P.-L. Garoche, J. Cazin, G. Durrieu

P. Bieber, F. Boniol, M. Boyer, E. Noulard, C. Pagetti

S. Defoort, M. Balesdent, P. Klotz, P. Schmollgruber, J. Morio, J. Hermetz, C. Blondeau, G.Carrier, N. Bérend

J. Morio, H. Piet-Lahanier, F. Poirion, J. Marzat, C. Seren, S. Bertrand, Q. Brucy, R. Kervarc, S. Merit, P. Ducourtieux, R. Pastel

P. Carle, R. Kervarc, R. Cuisinier, N. Huynh, J. Bedouët, T. Rivière, É. Noulard