Recent CEDRE Applications


D. Scherrer, F. Chedevergne, P. Grenard, J. Troyes, A. Murrone, E. Montreuil, F. Vuillot, N. Lupoglazoff, M. Huet, B. Sainte-Rose, P. Thorigny, N. Bertier, J.M. Lamet, T. Le Pichon, E. Radenac, A. Nicole, L. Matuszewski, M. Errera

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A selection of recent CEDRE applications in the aerospace field are presented to illustrate various functionalities of the code. These applications have been selected to cover a wide application field in aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics and combustion. Many of them are “multiphysics”, in the sense that they are based on the coupling of independent solvers for, respectively, gas flow, condensed phase transport, solid conduction, radiation, etc. Some of them include an external coupling to other codes. The presentation of each application includes the objectives of the computation, the methodology (modeling, numerics, grid, etc.) and some significant results