CFD Platforms: an Introduction to Onera’s Softwares


Jean Jacques Thibert Scientific Director of the Fluid Mechanics and Energetics Branch

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This second issue of Aerospace Lab is dedicated to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The objective is to develop platforms for our industrial partners, as well as for our own research. This activity started at Onera in the late sixties, when the first computers became available. A dramatic progress in CFD has been achieved since the beginning, due to both a continuous increase in computer power and the development of advanced algorithms. Thus, CFD has become an essential tool for industry, both for performance prediction and for design purposes, and one of Onera’s missions is to provide industry with the most advanced platforms. CFD is a multidisciplinary activity, since skills in physics, applied mathematics, informatics and aeronautical  engineering are needed. This will be detailed in this issue, where the “elsA” and “CEDRE” platforms, dedicated respectively to aerodynamics and propulsion, are presented in detail.