Issue 7 , June 2014



This issue of Aerospace Lab is dedicated to Aeroacoustics, the field of science that deals with sound generated by air flows and the possible interaction with solid bodies. As noise issues became a major environmental challenge over the past decades, aeronautic industries have paid great attention to Aeroacoustics for the design of aircraft, as well as helicopters.
The articles introduced in this issue of Aerospace Lab describe the work performed in this context. Most of them address numerical simulations and the thorough understanding of noise generation, topics which are directly linked to the “reduction of noise at the source”, probably the most conventional axis for noise reduction among those promoted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) “balanced approach”.


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D. Gély (Onera)
L. Leylekian (Onera)

L. Leylekian (Onera)
M. Lebrun (Aircelle)
P. Lempereur (Airbus)

C. Polacsek, R. Barrier (Onera)
M. Kohlhaas, T. Carolus (Institute for Fluid and Thermodynamic)
P. Kausche, A. Moreau (DLR)
F. Kennepohl (MTU Aero Engines)

F. Simon (Onera)
T. Haase, O. Unruh, M. Pohl (DLR)
E. Tijs (Microflown)
R. Wijntjes, H. van der Wal (NLR)
G. L. Ghiringhelli (Politecnico di Milano)

I. Duran (Cerfacs, Snecma)
S. Moreau (Universite de Sherbrooke)
F. Nicoud (Universite Montpellier)
T. Livebardon (Cerfacs, Turbomeca)
E. Bouty (Turbomeca)
T. Poinsot (Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulouse)

C. Bailly, B. André, T. Castelain (Université de Lyon)
C. Henry, G. Bodard (Snecma)
M. Porta (Airbus)